4 Steps To A Flawless Tablescape

Depending on your wedding or event, the tablescape plays an important role in determining the level of formality and tone. I have put together four simple steps in creating the perfect tablescape...one that is sophisticated, classy, and re-usable for every kind of event.

Step 1: Determine the base. In other words, choose your linens, or tablecloth, that you want to cover the tables. A lot of people opt for the white or ivory base but there are many options.

Step 2: Layer. Layering helps create a more sophisticated tablescape; if your event is casual then you should use less layers than an event that is more formal. In the picture shown below, we used a white linen for the base, a grey runner, and navy napkins to create layers.

Step 3: Add a place setting. This can be anything from plates, flatware, and glasses, or just one or two of these items. Adding your flatware and a nice glass blends the table better; and again, depending on the formality of your event…the more items in your place setting, the more formal your event.

Step 4: Add flowers, succulents, or decor. These elements help tie in the theme of your event and the atmosphere you are trying to achieve. A beautiful flower arrangement with some simple votives are classy, but the options are endless. Some events don't require flowers while others do; keep in mind your theme and color scheme when creating your centerpieces. 

Gala By Megan and Bloom Sioux Falls create beautiful tablescapes; here are some more examples: