Capturing Memories

Your wedding or event shouldn't be one you entrust to memory; that's where photos and videos come in. You don't want images that simply record the events of the day but evoke all the emotional aspects as well. A good photographer can capture those emotions and capture details that might have escaped you such as the parents' of the bride watching the ceremony or the excitement of the tiny flower girl and ring bearer. Beyond weddings, the photographer will be able to capture all the sweet moments when taking family photos for Christmas cards, or capturing the young love of a recent engagement. Along with photography, the wedding videography industry has blossomed over the years. You want a videographer that can capture all the events that take place during the day so you can re-live those events later. A good videographer knows what to shoot and again, captures all the events of the day that you might not have thought about.  

Finding the right photographer and videographer can be a daunting task and that's why it is so important to familiarize yourself with certain things to look for when booking, such as a photographer's portfolio and sample videos from the videographer. It is not everyday that you find a photographer and videographer working for the same company…it is actually quite rare. Uptown Events is known for this however; even better, our photographer and videographer know one another, have worked together before, and understand one another's style. It's important that if you are booking both vendors they have qualities such as this otherwise they might be stepping on each other's toes trying to capture the same moments.  

Spring and summer weddings are on the books for 2015 and it is important to book your photographer and videographer as soon as you can. When researching, look over portfolios and note specific shots that you want to have taken and even shots that you liked from both the photographer and videographer. Each event is curated to the couple hosting the event but noting what style you like will help you narrow down both the photographer and videographer you want. 

I am obviously partial to the photographer and videographer I work with; their work is spectacular. If you are in need of engagement pictures, wedding pictures, family photos, etc...visit Dan Thorson's website for his contact info. 

As well, Jason Jonas and his wife are simply amazing at putting together a wedding story video; see his website for details and contact info.