Tips To Save Money For Your Holiday Party

If you haven't hired a fabulous event planner, then you are probably throwing a holiday party yourself. I commend you! There are many ways you can throw a party without breaking the bank…especially during the holidays! Let's take a look:

1 // Skip The Open Bar

It will save you a ton of money if you decide not to offer an "open bar" but instead a signature cocktail. A signature cocktail is more personable towards the type of party you are throwing as well. For example, a candy cane cocktail would be a fun addition to your Christmas party…and it's cheaper. Or, if you want to have more options for your guests, ask that they bring their favorite beverage instead!

2 // Keep The Food Simple

Local grocery stores are pretty good at running sales close to the holidays…stock up! Cheese plates, crackers, fruit trays (that you put together), and homemade chex mix, are all simple and affordable ideas. Being it's the holidays, make one desert that your guests can munch on as well, such as your favorite Christmas cookie. Also, since it's winter, make a large pot of soup that people can eat if your party is around dinner time. There are ways to decorate and place  your food that will make it look like you made a huge spread! See Martha Stewart's holidays tips for some ideas. 

3 // Cheap Decor

If you're having a Christmas party than you already have decor! The tree, and any other decor items you have are perfect for the holidays…don't feel like you have to go overboard. To add a little something extra, talk to your local florist and see if they can put together a beautiful (yet simple) holiday bouquet that you can place on the food table. Flowers are a great way to add ambiance to a room as well as bring cheer all around!

4 // Plan A Game

One way to keep people from eating and drinking (we're trying to cut back on the food and drink bill remember) is to play a game. Games like white elephant, Christmas charades, and candy canes are fun for people to get into the holiday spirit!

5 // When In Doubt, Ask For Help

It's ok to ask friends and family to help! If you are hosting the party ask different family members to take care of certain things. For example, one person can plan a game, one can bring an appetizer, a couple can bring drinks, and so on. Remember, tis' the season for giving…so give a little when you can.